Jenji Sim

Zomg VDSL?!

Yesss I am attempting a pixel_trade Viking Death Squad Legacy! :O I've never really done any sort of legacy ever! XD I usually just made sims for others to play with and downloaded tons of CC for my self sims awesome house! XD

PS: Omg yea its TS3! XD I just got it recently and have been playing it like mad! >_>

SO HERE WE GO! XD I hope you enjoy my first post!

71 Images BY THE WAY! XD

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Jenji Sim

WIP PROJECT: Emerald Dream: Nightelf Makeup for Sims 2

LOL at my preview image thingy, yes I did it quick but you get the idea!

SO I've been looking for makeup or masks of the warpaint that female nightelves have in World of Warcraft, but I haven't found many and the ones I DID find I didn't really like. ^_^;;
Awhile ago I brought this up with bondchick_nett  and she tried to make some but I think they came out blurry or not how she wanted so she gave up! XD So I decided to take this on and instead of doing the usual one design that I have seen around, I am redrawing all nine of the Nightelf warpaint designs!(for males and females of all ages!) And then recoloring each one with 7-8 of the W.o.W colors :D!
So I just thought I would post some preview pics up to show people what I'm doing since this is going to be my first sort of CC for TS2 besides my founder sims! :D

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